Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bake it to Make it.

Good morning Cupcake!

Sorry I've been missing in action in the blogging world this week. I've been baking up a storm preparing for the Spring Fashionista Fling & SJMADE mini mart event at the San Jose Museum of Art tonight. I'm hoping to sell some of my stylish baked sweets and meet lot's of new friends! 
This will be the first event that I am officially selling my homemade baked goods to the public under the name The Fashion Palate. I'm looking forward to what the future presents, hope to see you there!

On The Fashion Palate Menu:

Serious lack of blog posts and social life because I'm covered in frosting and powder sugar. 

Will return soon. Thanks for being patient! #letthemeatcookies #letthemeatcake

View my Event Calendar and ever changing Menu here:

And return back soon, as I will be posting highlights of each dessert on my menu and the inspiration and story behind each one.


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