Monday, March 11, 2013

What I Wore last month: Date Outfit Edition.

What I wore...last MONTH!

Let me explain.

My MAC died on me a few weeks ago after Valentines Day and it had all my super necessary outfit photos on there. I thought they were goners fer sure. But lo and behold, they are safe and sound & the lap top is up and running again so I can share away!

In February I came up with a few "Date Outfits" for The Usuals Blog.
Here they are...along with a few outtakes! :P

Day Date: Mint to Be

I'm thinking, take me to the candy shop and I'll melt.

 Happy Hour Date: Monochromatic Blushing Pink
I love these colors, also I'm crazy about my burgundy ASOS jeans.
It's happy hour so I let my jewelry do the ticking...I mean, talking!
(See the alarm clock ring, and cocktail charm necklace?)

LBD: Date Night Outfit,"Key to My Heart."

This one is very speak easy. The hat and the antique keys are KEY components to this look :P

The LC Lauren Conrad Kohls shoes also make a statement.

  Outfit details here: What I Wore, Wear to Buy

 Photo Outtakes!!!

Which one was your favorite look of mine?

Thanks for visiting!


  1. i think the speak easy look is my fave!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  2. Hmm..I honestly like all three, so cute!! Love the outtakes :)


    1. Thank you Tracy! I get distracted easily when I work with candy.