Thursday, March 7, 2013

Strawberry Cake Donuts: Check!

I've been receiving donut requests lately. One being from my brother who insists on me making him donuts any chance he gets. Having never tried making them before I thought I give it a shot. 

Of course with a Fashion Palate touch. It had to be the cake donut version (not fried-nothing against frying I flipping love fried treats but I like the taste of cake donuts) and miniature.

My friend sent me a recipe but after reading the reviews they were kind of mixed so I tried another approach based on the Saveur method of baking Strawberry Donuts, buttermilk and dried strawberries seemed to be the key ingredients. 

I made this completely from scratch, chopped up the strawberries to make a sweet glaze that strangely enough just happens to match my manicure...

I guess I have donuts on the brain...

Wondering what polish I'm using? I got it from my fellow fashion blogger friend Ann from Tongue in Cheeky. This strawberry sheen color is called Pink Diamond by Essie and the sprinkle of sparkle is Traffic Stopper Copper by Sephora.

Well that about does it for my baking escapades of the week.
Successful? You bet!
Should I probably cut back on eating all my experiments. YEAH.
Will I? Not likely.


  1. I have been thinking about making donuts these last two weeks and buying one of those donut pans every time I walk into Homegoods..NOW I really want to make some - yours looks delish and I love mini donuts too.Great matching mani!


    1. Buy it! There's so many good recipes out there too. ;)