Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping Finds: Forever 21

I had a day off and I just couldn't resist stopping by Forever 21. I found MANY looks for less and just plain cute stuff.

Here's what I found:

I spy bow prints...
Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes- what's your choice?

Looks familiar anyone?
I got the bow cream tank but I'm thinking about going back and getting the geo bow print dress too!
The tank was selling out so that's why I bought it first.

 Here's what else I spotted. Hint: more cuteness.

Satin Heart Print pumps for $28: shop them here.

Another find that reminds me of something....
Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes? Would you "king me" with  LV  or "checkmate" the F21 look-a-like?

LV checkerprint trend spotted. And very wearable as a sweater.

Buy these LV look-a-likes here: Diamond print and Checkered.

And more things!

Milkshake print peplum shorts! So cute and so short...I can't wear this, lol.

Faux Leather Sleeve Tee shop it here.

Faux Leather Peplum Jacket. SO CUTE. But peach isn't really doing much for me. 
But I still kind of want it. I have a shopping problem.
So trust me you need this, shop it here.

What did you think of my finds? Any favorites you would wear?


  1. So fun!! I think I need that bow dress - that is the cutest thing since, well, Kate Spade :) Good find on the LV sweater - I might have to pick that up too. I love that peach jacket too. I'll be making a trip to F21 soon for a shopping spree.


    1. Lol Tracy! The bow dress is just fantastic. I stopped in my tracks when I found that sweater, usually I just find the diamond version but when I saw the checkered on I scooped that up like no other! You should get the peach jacket, it's freaking awesome. I wish it came in cream, I so badly wanted it to work for me.

  2. i love forever 21. wanna follow each other?

  3. Cute finds! Love the cute bow prints. Can't wait to stop by F21 this weekend.

    xo erica

    1. Aren't they the cutest Erica? :D Happy shopping!

  4. oh my word, those shorts need to get in my closet now!!
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. These would look PERFECT on you! The whole time I was wearing them I was singing that super old "milkshake" song. ;D

  5. Such a great post! I love seeing cheaper versions of things. F21 is definitely good for that! xo

    1. Thank you Lauren! Me too, I get such a kick out of shopping steals too!