Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Joe Fresh at JCP

You know me, I love a new collab! I missed the opening days of all the other recent JCP designer collections, but this time around I had my radar on since I fell in love with the gingham shirts from Joe Fresh. The bolder colors sold out quickly online before its release date so I had to make sure I got one in store.

Here's what I saw:

Cute shorts in red and white paired with striped tees or lightweight sweater options.

I loved this black and white striped dress the material felt like it would hold up very nice. Same with the lace shorts, so cute and expensive looking. I wasn't in the market for dresses or lacey shorts so I passed. 

 The dress in the middle would be so cute belted with a black bow. It also comes in a tank top version.

Cute little nautical t-shirt dress for the summer for $29.

Sheer short sleeve blouse and fun printed shorts in bright colors! I loved the shorts but be warned skinny minnies aren't going to fit in them :/ The shorts run BIG.

 Floral prints are everywhere! 

Playing Dress Up:

Get your Joe basics. So affordable for $10 each. V-necks I love for casual days or dressing them up with a blazer. Also the flip flops are $4!

 Tops! Cut outs and stripes.

 Shorts don't fit. :/ They were falling down pretty much. If you can fit them get them! They were great quality and the patterns were so striking.

Ankle-zip color jeans don't fit (loose on the waist and extra space on the thighs). Good length though. The zipper detail was a nice touch. I didn't try on the Slim fit crop jeans, I wonder if those would've been better for me?

 The lighter gingham shirt washes me out, the brighter color suits me better. So bolder it is! And for $19. Such a good price compared to the Jcrew exact version at the outlets. Eeeks.

It's funny this was the one thing I wanted from the collection yet it wasn't even on the floor. I asked the very nice sales rep politely where these beautiful shirts were. I guess they were still hidden in the stock room, not even on display for opening day! It never hurts to ask. She brought these out for me in two sizes. I hope they ended up putting the rest of the shirts out for everyone else though.

What did you all think of the overall collection? See it here: JCP Joe Fresh
I can only review the tops and some bottoms since I wasn't in a dress mood this weekend. :D

If you are shopping online it's safe to go with the tops which are more true to size, the pants seem to be running large so you could miss the mark there.


  1. WOW!! Your store looked a thousand times better than mine, they merchandised mine horribly. Until your post, I just assumed they used a
    schematic to display everything the same. I did try on the other jeans and they fit the same way as the zip jeans. Not a fan of those. I may go back for more of those shirts, they fit so well and a good choice to get the brighter pink, that is a big difference in looking even better :)


    1. Haha, yeah I noticed! I just saw your post too. Weren't those shirts the best? I'm not sure if green will look great on me though. BUT I do want to stock up on those v-necks next time I'm there. :D

  2. I am really loven the black and white pieces ;)


    1. Yes those were also my faves Miranda, black and white always looks chic!