Monday, March 4, 2013

Jo Malone: Sugar & Spice

Smelling like a dessert can be dangerous. Also very delightful!

While browsing the latest fragrances at Nordstrom, I came across this delicious table of desserts, fake ones but they caught my eye. Each dessert represents a limited edition perfume from the Sugar & Spice Jo Malone fragrance collection. I've never tried on a Jo Malone perfume before but with names like lemon tart and ginger biscuit, how could I resist?

I can't, I smelled each one! I really wish they were sold as a whole set since it was really hard to choose a favorite. 

Each bottle costs $60.  
Here's my review:
The fragrances from left to right are:

Bitter Orange & Chocolate: Smells exactly like you would expect, also the bitter orange reminds me of actual bitters in an old time-y cocktail, well balanced with the dark chocolate. 
Ginger Biscuit. Warm and toasty, very vanilla spice latte-esque when I think about it.
Redcurrant & Creme: Raspberry notes, like a sweet custard with a dollop of creme fraiche on top.
Elderflower & Gooseberry: Mmmm think fresh, lychee, and muddled cucumber. Perfect for a light scent on a warm spring afternoon.
Lemon Tart: Very lemon-y, sour with hints of herbs and meringue. If you are a lemon treat kinda person this is for you. Not really my thing.

I left with my wrists spritzed with Bitter Orange & Chocolate. I can't stop smelling myself. I will return for this one.

You can buy it at Nordstrom or here: Jo Malone London

Which fragrance would you have choosen based on my descriptions?


  1. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it!!!! would you liketo follow each other?

    1. Hi Signature Chic! Thanks for finding me, so glad to hear you love it :) Follow away!

  2. Thanks for finding this fragrance collection - they sound amazing! I was at 2 Nordy's this weekend and missed it, can't wait to smell all of them..I'm sure I won't be able to decide on my first trip, I wonder if they have any samples?! :)


    1. It was a pleasant surprise, I rarely visit the perfume area, but I was searching for the new Marni fragrance and found these instead! I believe the will give you a sample of anything you like. :)

  3. YUM! Bitter Orange and Chocolate sounds AMAZING! I'll have to try these!


    1. It was amazing! Def try them out, I'm not usually crazy about perfumes but these ones are not to be missed. -Franci

  4. Those all sounds amazing..I'll definitely have to check them out!

    xo Olivia
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  5. They all sound so yummy!

    Feel free to take a look at my blog if you like!

    1. Very yummy indeed. ;) Can't wait to see your blog Beatrice. Follow me via GFC if you haven't already!-Franci