Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Heart Aviators

Over the weekend I was able to make it down to JCPenney in the first time since forever.

I was so pleased with all the accessories I found. Cute after cute after cute!

And then I came across a fun batch of sunnies.

Decision time!
(My apologies for the picture quality, it's taken from my cell phone camera #Itsnotgood.)

After trying on these Heart Aviator sunglasses I just knew I had to get them. Reasons being, one, they are heart shaped. Two, heart shaped aviators! What!?

$12.99 it was a good deal. I could've got more but my heart was content.

Stay tuned for more JCP blog posts. I will share more accessory findings, and "Playing Dress Up" posts with Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa, MNG by Mango and Duro Olowu.

In case you want to buy more than one pair of sunglasses 
here's a coupon for $10 off your $50 JCP purchase: here.


  1. Hi~ I love your pictures from this post and your sunglasses are adorable!

    The Fashionable ESQ