Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Charlotte Olympia Spring 2013 Shoes: Ooo La La!

Bonjour Spring! Couldn't welcome it better than with Charlotte Olympia's new spring collection of shoes & accessories with a Parisian flair.

I'm pretty much in love with the whole collection and a huge fan of Olympia. Only in Paris!

Especially these two pieces. Croissant shoes for breakfast? Oui!  And a gorgeous Lucite clutch with removable interior pockets and a croissant clasp. Shoe HEAVEN a la mode.

Here's more!

 Ooh La La Crochet Heart Loafer

 Perfume Clutch 

Embroidered kitty cat flat

 Velvet Cat Slippers

 Eiffel Tower Sandals

 Pink Perfume Clutch

 Paris Platform

 Poodle Pumps!

Debonaire Satin Heart with Motif

Gigi Fringe Wedge. Crazy but FUN.

Newspaper clutch

This is a dream! Can someone not wake me s'il vous plaƮt!
Also...really expensive! So I'm not going to spoil the dream by sharing the prices here.
Here you do it yourself! I'm not going to be responsible for this. :D

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Usual Spring Outfits

My latest blog post for The Usuals involved dressing up for a special occasion, whether it be a bridal shower, picnic, or wedding guest attire I think these outfits would be perfect!
 Read my official blog post here

What I'm Wearing from The Usuals: Downeast Basics “Pleats to Meet You” skirt, Gentlefawn Antique White tank, Intwined Bowtie necklace, Kathryn Marie Baroque ring.
My Own: Prabal Gurung red wedges, Furla Candy Glitter bag.

The next outfit is SO green and SO cute! I had a lot of fun finding this photo op (a local florist boutique!)

Wearing: Downeast Basics “Thin Mint” dress, Intwined bow tie, B.A.I.T Hindi Green pumps.

My Own: Gilt City gold emerald cuff, Maude & Tilda Tote.

And an outfit is not complete without a bow tie! ;)
Bow ties necklaces from Intwined.

Which outfit would you wear?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping Finds: Forever 21

I had a day off and I just couldn't resist stopping by Forever 21. I found MANY looks for less and just plain cute stuff.

Here's what I found:

I spy bow prints...
Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes- what's your choice?

Looks familiar anyone?
I got the bow cream tank but I'm thinking about going back and getting the geo bow print dress too!
The tank was selling out so that's why I bought it first.

 Here's what else I spotted. Hint: more cuteness.

Satin Heart Print pumps for $28: shop them here.

Another find that reminds me of something....
Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes? Would you "king me" with  LV  or "checkmate" the F21 look-a-like?

LV checkerprint trend spotted. And very wearable as a sweater.

Buy these LV look-a-likes here: Diamond print and Checkered.

And more things!

Milkshake print peplum shorts! So cute and so short...I can't wear this, lol.

Faux Leather Sleeve Tee shop it here.

Faux Leather Peplum Jacket. SO CUTE. But peach isn't really doing much for me. 
But I still kind of want it. I have a shopping problem.
So trust me you need this, shop it here.

What did you think of my finds? Any favorites you would wear?

Paul & Joe Beaute: For the Cat Lover.

Be prepared to face the cuteness. A beauty line with a limited edition makeup packaging including this cute cat print!


Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2013 Limited Edition line was inspired by the landscape of Paris and carousels. Color and nostalgic, the cat print stood out to me the most.

To the left is the packing to an eye color palette, 3 shades in one design (a carousel horse scene) for $28. To the right is a reusable lipstick paper container for $5 (does not include the lipstick). Fill it with your favorite Paul & Joe lip color refill.

How cute is the print on the lipstick? I have yet to find these particular lip colors for sale but the packaging alone is adorable. Here's a link to shop: Limited Spring.

I found out they sell the line (not the limited edition one) at Urban Outfitters. Most of it is only available online.

If you spend over $65 on Paul & Joe products at Beautyhabit.com they will include this meowtastic makeup bag with code PJKITTENS.

This was just to purrfect not to share.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pick of The Palate: Kate Young x Target Lookbook

Yes it's true the Kate Young x Target lookbook has finally been revealed to the public. All the things you will need for evening formal attire will be here soon. Save the date: April 14th, in stores and online at Target.

There's a few things that caught my attention, I'm just hoping I get invited to black tie affair stat. Oh and these things aren't as affordable as they keep telling us. Ranging from $29- $89, most of the attire is at that $89 price point while the shoes and accessories are on the lowerish end. Might I add the shoes are cute!

My Pick of The Palate:

Obsessed with these leopard print bow booties ($44.99)! Ugh! OK my two favorite attires are totally different. I've been wanting a tuxedo dress up look and this jumpsuit in black ($79.99) is amaaazzing. This is the one item I'm going to snag and try on day of! The polka dot dress ($89.99) is very pretty and fun glam. And the arrow/heart barrettes ($14.99) would be super cute to style for everyday.

Take a full look: Lookbook via SheFinds.com
Here's my mini look preview from Target and SheFinds:

What's your pick?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing Dress Up: Joe Fresh at JCP

You know me, I love a new collab! I missed the opening days of all the other recent JCP designer collections, but this time around I had my radar on since I fell in love with the gingham shirts from Joe Fresh. The bolder colors sold out quickly online before its release date so I had to make sure I got one in store.

Here's what I saw:

Cute shorts in red and white paired with striped tees or lightweight sweater options.

I loved this black and white striped dress the material felt like it would hold up very nice. Same with the lace shorts, so cute and expensive looking. I wasn't in the market for dresses or lacey shorts so I passed. 

 The dress in the middle would be so cute belted with a black bow. It also comes in a tank top version.

Cute little nautical t-shirt dress for the summer for $29.

Sheer short sleeve blouse and fun printed shorts in bright colors! I loved the shorts but be warned skinny minnies aren't going to fit in them :/ The shorts run BIG.

 Floral prints are everywhere! 

Playing Dress Up:

Get your Joe basics. So affordable for $10 each. V-necks I love for casual days or dressing them up with a blazer. Also the flip flops are $4!

 Tops! Cut outs and stripes.

 Shorts don't fit. :/ They were falling down pretty much. If you can fit them get them! They were great quality and the patterns were so striking.

Ankle-zip color jeans don't fit (loose on the waist and extra space on the thighs). Good length though. The zipper detail was a nice touch. I didn't try on the Slim fit crop jeans, I wonder if those would've been better for me?

 The lighter gingham shirt washes me out, the brighter color suits me better. So bolder it is! And for $19. Such a good price compared to the Jcrew exact version at the outlets. Eeeks.

It's funny this was the one thing I wanted from the collection yet it wasn't even on the floor. I asked the very nice sales rep politely where these beautiful shirts were. I guess they were still hidden in the stock room, not even on display for opening day! It never hurts to ask. She brought these out for me in two sizes. I hope they ended up putting the rest of the shirts out for everyone else though.

What did you all think of the overall collection? See it here: JCP Joe Fresh
I can only review the tops and some bottoms since I wasn't in a dress mood this weekend. :D

If you are shopping online it's safe to go with the tops which are more true to size, the pants seem to be running large so you could miss the mark there.