Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SF Buying and Appreciating the Full Shopping Experience

Yesterday was quite the learning experience. I went to my first trade show (Cala) at the St.Francis hotel in San Francisco Union Square. I couldn't take pictures of the items we saw and or were purchased, but everything was set up in racks, each brand showcasing in a different hotel room. The buying process was kind of like a big slumber party. :D There is one show stopping dress that was picked for fall to showcase at The Usuals boutique in San Jose. It's a suped up LBD with a wet leather look with chiffon underlay, I am convinced it will sell out like hotcakes. Can't wait to share it with you guys!

After the trade show we went exploring the stores in the city, appreciating the store displays and unique set ups.

  "Everybody wants to be a cat!"

It was my first time at Uniqlo, it's apparently HUGE in popularity in Japan, in the US the only locations are in New York, New Jersey and one here in SF, Cali. I would describe it as basics meets color. They also offer free alterations on uniqlo brand jeans!

Next up 16th street/Valencia.
Uber unique boutiques, that I can't get enough of!

 Some great vintage sparkling finds at Bell Jar Gorgeous Little Things:

It was such a great deal and fully detailed with gold sequins front to back, I told my "SF Boutique Expert", that one of us is leaving home with it no matter what. ;) I make a great case.

This one was SUPER tempting and sooo me. I don't know when I would wear this but it beckons to be showcased in my future closet room. What do you think? $75 vintage sequin dress? Yay or nay?

I told the cashier not to be surprised if I come back for it.

I also went to a sample sale shop called Cary Lane (which I MUST return to), and Needles and Pens, a book store that carried local made books, comics, magazines, artwork and just fun stuff.

Here is what I went home with (besides a TON of inspiration and design ideas):

Uniqlo Hat (on sale for $12.90),  BellJar freeze frame ring, Shoes over Bills- an Illustrated book about shoes & their cost equivalents.

And a few excerpts of the book!

Shoes > Eating Out

Probably shouldn't risk it right?'s on SALE!

So many shoes, so little budget ;)


  1. LOVE the sequined dress on you! Franci, never wait for the right occasion to wear something, just wear it! That's my philosophy and that's why I'll show up to work in feathers and sparkles. And that's why I always say that I'll have plenty of time for boring when I'm in my grave ;)

    1. Great advice Maya! Sometimes you just gotta do it!

  2. So many fun things to see, I feel like I was there ;-) Loving that dress on you, it is so pretty, love the details. Cute little book too. Love it all!


    1. Thanks Tracy! Glad you enjoyed the shopping experience ;)