Monday, February 18, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Sale of the KSNY Outlet.

President's day is the perfect day to shop some great deals! And where else to go but the outlets? I headed to my nearest Paragon Outlet (Livermore,Ca) with Kate Spade New York outlet on my mind.

The store had some great deals, 40% off and an additional 40% off and 20% off Clearance items.

Here's what I saw:

Clutches, handbags, wallets oh my!

A very fun design that caught a lot of customers attention. 
Also mine. The air mail envelope clutch was just too good.
 It read "Par Avion Via Air Mail" on the other side.

Originally $98, it went home with me for $39! Great price for a true to KSNY quirky design.

I was happy to see all the Eat Cake For Breakfast totes and clutches! 
Also, how cute are the graphic bow print makeup bags? 
Nice to see a few prints from fall/winter that are even still available in some of the Kate Spade New York boutiques and Nordstrom's stores right now.

Like this one: 
The "Daycation Lacey" woodgrain wallet

I first saw this on my visit to the Honolulu KSNY location.
That was in October and was originally $158, marked down to $99 in the outlet & after all the clearance and sale it was $47!

The Fashion Palate President's Day Oath: 
Don't be afraid of Holiday Sales, there's too many goodies out there to score ladies!

And one more thing...

As a Kate Spade (& Candy) enthusiast this rings true to heart.
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  1. Loved seeing what Kate Spade outlets are carrying. Really wish I would have made it to mine, that clutch is so cute and wow, $39?! I really don't remember seeing those before. You must frame that notecard that came inside, so perfect!


    1. I know, me and my shopping buddy couldn't believe it! I love the more unique styles KSNY designs so this and the wood wallet was obvious ;) Good idea, I will def frame it.