Friday, February 22, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Obsession: It's Cookie Time!

So I finally was able to snag a box of Girl Scout Cookies, I picked Thin Mints. 
Although I was torn between them and the Samoas.

I had an epiphany while in the midst of eating my Thin Mints...what if...I just made my own homemade version of Samoas? Best of both worlds. I'm thinking I could literally be eating both simultaneously. A Thin Mint in one hand, a Samoa or two in the other.

This song started playing in my head as I think these obssesive thoughts.

Troop Beverly Hills. What a thrill. Classic.

My cookie obsession plus baking addiction can only lead to one thing...Homemade Samoas!
These were AMAZING.
The kind of cookie you really can only safely eat one of at a time. 

The shortbread cookie was delish, soft and crisp to the bite covered in a layer of caramel, then another layer of caramel baked coconut mixture and topped off with drizzled dark chocolate. 
The bottoms were of course dipped in chocolate bliss too.
Dangerous I tell yah!

I've been baking A LOT this month, I'll have to compile a goody post this weekend.

Hey. Who asked you Grumpy Cat?!


  1. Girl Scout cookies are dangerous! Those lemonade ones are my absolute favorite.. and thin mints? Oh yeah, I can eat them a sleeve at a time ;)

    Pearls & Paws

    1. Mmmm now I want to try the lemonade ones Heather! Lol, thanks for stopping by! Love your page btw :)

  2. My husband made the Somas once. They were not the same and I remember them not tasting very good, but don't tell him that!

  3. Those cookies you baked look so good..def. craving me some cookies..even though I had some sweets about 2 hours ago ;-)