Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Week: I want to Hijack their closet!

Happy Friday Fashion Palateers!
It's Fashion Week in New York. And I'm in San Jose...Booo!
One of these days I'll be there. Until then I'm going to admire the incredible street fashion of these fashionably gifted ladies. Here are some favorites captured by

 Loving floral print, balanced with neutral colors and a coffee cup!
 This is my favorite look. Black and white and chic all over. Polka dots, pink! Love!

Orrr maybe this is my favorite look! Eeee black and white stripes and a matching hat! This girl is adorable!
 Polka dots and a pop of my fave color, cobalt blue!

 They look like best fashion friends fureverrr, They could easily swap each others outfits later.
(O and I hope its faux fur!)

This chick has Taxi's to nab. I'm loving the neon color blocking going on here.

What's your favorite look?


  1. Sometimes street style is crazy, but I am loving these looks! My favorite is yours too (or at least your first fav :) I like the B&W with the pop of pink shoe.

    1. I always love to see the fashion week street styles, that's when the girlies pull out all the stops! ;)

  2. amazing photos!!!!love it!so inspirational!:)

    1. Thank you for checking out my street style picks ZxM!

  3. such great look! looving that neon coat x

  4. Love your style!!!
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