Saturday, February 2, 2013

4 (9er) Game Day Recipes!

Soooo anyone watching the Beyonce concert tomorrow? 
I hear some dudes in tights are going to be playing football as a pre and post show. ;)

Let me set this straight, I don't care for football.
I love me some snackies and tasties. 
Commercials and halftime is probably the only time I will be peeking my head up from blogging and eating. 

On that note, here are 4 of the most tastiest game day treats to make the day extra super:

1. Ain't a party without a cocktail! These drink recipes are all inspired by New Orleans. They look major tasty no matter what time you are rooting for. 

2. Buffalo Chicken Lollipops. The more aps you can fit on a plate the better. These have a handle little "handle" a twofer I would I say. 

3. Mmmm, pizza stuffed bread-sticks. 'nuff said.

4. Dessert! Easy peasy chocolate dipped Strawberries, just dip and ice to achieve a football design!

Super Yum!

Oh and for fun, I found this on Pinterest.
I WON'T be making this. LOL. 

What will you be eating?

I already have my list of things to cook/bake, guess I better get on it!
Check out my Instagram : @TheFashionPalate this weekend for a ton of foodie pics.

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