Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dream Dresses: It's all florals and bows.

Ever have a dream that even in the dream you were thinking this is too good to be true so I must be dreaming? Yeah I did last night. I was dreaming about these two Kate Spade New York bow dresses to be exact.

So I'm a bit obsessed.
Anyways typical Franci dream, the dresses were of course on sale $67 each to be exact with shipping. I totally wanted to buy one, but after all my spending on Prabal Gurung x Target I was feeling bad. I woke up still thinking of excuses to buy it. I eventually realized this was only a dream....
I'm very very disappointed to say the least. ;)

And then there's this other dream dress, which I never could find in size 2 at Target. Floral Crush PGxTarget dress. It's so stinking pretty!

I bring up this dress because as I was perusing Instagram I came across KS Saturday and saw this other dress which appears to be pretty much the same style, just more abstract I would say.
I have a feeling that the Saturday dress is probably around $100 though. 

Anyone else currently obsessing over spring dresses?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just another Manic-ure Monday!

So I may not have tripped up the stairs while accepting my Oscar but my manicure deserves a standing ovation. (What? She did!) Mainly just for me being steady enough to draw bows on all my fingernails. LOL.

They make me happy and they look so dapper as I skim the pages of my fashion magazines. Which btw I have a lot of catching up to do. 

Have a great week Palateers!


Anyone else have some cute and fun manicures they've shared on their blogs lately? Link them in the comments.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars 2013 Fashion

The best part of the Oscars? The fashion. Always.

Here is who made it on my best dressed list:

Agree or Disagree?

Jessica looked stunning in her beaded Armani with that gorgeous copper underlay. It looked great on camera.
Jennifer Aniston just looks beautiful in red. So I had to pick her. Plus it's Valentino. I can't say no.
Jennifer Garner was my favorite! The color was different than anyone else on the red carpet, it was bold bright and fitted with fun in the back. I just think she looks way FAB.
Stacy as always looked like great arm candy, I admit my first reaction was to roll my eyes when she walked the red carpet (only because she looks good anything) but I didn't expect her to look this good! She was styled to perfection (by Brad Goreski of course). The detail was amazing and oh so vintage and glam with that hair.

I've got to say the celebs have been craaaaazy for fashion designer Naeem Khan. And I can see why. Take the next best dressed at the Oscars for instance:

Michelle Obama in Naeem Khan

*Photo from

The first lady can do no wrong, she didn't even have to walk the red carpet to turn heads! 
Notice everyone behind her is looking at her longingly and with admiration. Love it.

Another great look that wasn't on the red carpet...

Adele in Burberry. It sparkled and shined while she sang. I can't deny a good sparkle.

So where's the wedding? 
White was obviously the most popular choice on the Oscars red carpet this year...
Here comes the brides!

I didn't choose any of these as best dressed. Just wasn't feeling it.

And the belle of the ball in Dior Haute Couture:

Jennifer Lawrence, girl that's a lot of dress. 
My point was proven when she tripped up the stairs to accept her award.
I actually was mortified for her as I said to the TV "!"
She looks beautiful in anything and handled it with grace.

Also did anyone think Charlize Theron totally stole Anne Hathaway's Golden Globe style?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Obsession: It's Cookie Time!

So I finally was able to snag a box of Girl Scout Cookies, I picked Thin Mints. 
Although I was torn between them and the Samoas.

I had an epiphany while in the midst of eating my Thin Mints...what if...I just made my own homemade version of Samoas? Best of both worlds. I'm thinking I could literally be eating both simultaneously. A Thin Mint in one hand, a Samoa or two in the other.

This song started playing in my head as I think these obssesive thoughts.

Troop Beverly Hills. What a thrill. Classic.

My cookie obsession plus baking addiction can only lead to one thing...Homemade Samoas!
These were AMAZING.
The kind of cookie you really can only safely eat one of at a time. 

The shortbread cookie was delish, soft and crisp to the bite covered in a layer of caramel, then another layer of caramel baked coconut mixture and topped off with drizzled dark chocolate. 
The bottoms were of course dipped in chocolate bliss too.
Dangerous I tell yah!

I've been baking A LOT this month, I'll have to compile a goody post this weekend.

Hey. Who asked you Grumpy Cat?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebrating 500 Likes on Facebook!

I just hit the five-hundo mark on Facebook! 
Super excited, it really has taken a lot of work to build my fashion and sweets community and so glad to have kept pushing forward. I really just want to say thank YOU to those that have been following or just started to follow. The Fashion Palate is nothing without it's Palateers.

I have a lot of plans moving forward with baking, blogging and fashion and I feel like this year is going to be an exciting one. 
Let's get to 1,000 by the end of the summer?!? :D

(Causie my kitty just high-fived that idea.)

If you haven't already, visit The Fashion Palate on Facebook and "Like" me there. 
Say hello, don't be shy, I love meeting new bloggers and friends.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to the Sale of the KSNY Outlet.

President's day is the perfect day to shop some great deals! And where else to go but the outlets? I headed to my nearest Paragon Outlet (Livermore,Ca) with Kate Spade New York outlet on my mind.

The store had some great deals, 40% off and an additional 40% off and 20% off Clearance items.

Here's what I saw:

Clutches, handbags, wallets oh my!

A very fun design that caught a lot of customers attention. 
Also mine. The air mail envelope clutch was just too good.
 It read "Par Avion Via Air Mail" on the other side.

Originally $98, it went home with me for $39! Great price for a true to KSNY quirky design.

I was happy to see all the Eat Cake For Breakfast totes and clutches! 
Also, how cute are the graphic bow print makeup bags? 
Nice to see a few prints from fall/winter that are even still available in some of the Kate Spade New York boutiques and Nordstrom's stores right now.

Like this one: 
The "Daycation Lacey" woodgrain wallet

I first saw this on my visit to the Honolulu KSNY location.
That was in October and was originally $158, marked down to $99 in the outlet & after all the clearance and sale it was $47!

The Fashion Palate President's Day Oath: 
Don't be afraid of Holiday Sales, there's too many goodies out there to score ladies!

And one more thing...

As a Kate Spade (& Candy) enthusiast this rings true to heart.
#goodintentions #talesofasweettooth

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Style Inspiration: Gap Boyfriend Jeans x Prabal Gurung Target

I'm soooo ready for spring!
I'm excited to play with brighter colors and prints this coming season.
I'm also pretty hyped about boyfriend jeans
It's funny though, I just gave away my AX boyfriend jeans in the fall last season, I thought they weren't coming back! And of course, they are back in style again. 
Luckily I found a great pair on sale, actually no, clearance at Gap last week.
Make sure to visit your local Gap in-store because you will find the better deal there 
with no shipping fees.

Here's the pair I scored for $15.73!:

Now I'm waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer so I can bust these out.
Here are a few ideas I have in ways to style them.

I decided to feature some Prabal Gurung for Target items since it's relevant and many of you are probably wondering how to wear those cute bright pieces anyway! P.S. how cute is that handbag by Sass Bide?!

Boyish Brightness!

Here's another super girly look to balance out the boyish:

prabal x target and boyfriend jeans

 As you can see, I think a peplum item (top or jacket) would pair great with these looser fitting jeans, giving you that girlish waist line.  Plus I'm a bit girly and I like the frill. Don't forget some type of heel, a wedge or strappy pump will make you look more pulled together and sexier with this style jean, I prefer the ones with ankle straps.

What do you think? How would you wear your boyfriend jeans?

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Usuals: Valentine's Gifts

My second Valentine's gift feature is up on The Usuals blog today. If you are in the bay area, you don't want to miss out on these featured items (a lot of the items are handmade in San Jose)! Annnnd all jewelry is 20% off this week. ;)

Here's a preview:

The theme: "What a Girl Wants, What a Guy Needs."

For item details visit The Usuals blog here:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prabal Gurung x Target

Finally the day has arrived. After staying up late last night to shop the shoe selection (exclusives), which was very successful might I add, I was so excited to go in store and try everything on.
You can shop the collection online here:

(*note: I took this photo AFTER 9am, still stocked!)

For shopping reference I tried everything on I could in a size XS and size 2 and shoe size 7.5, I'm 5'3 and I noticed the clothes do run true to size. So without further adieu, here I am playing dress up in Prabal Gurung for Target.


This lace overlay top looks sooo much better on in person than in the lookbook! 
I thought I would hate it, but it's so lovely.

Cute pebled racerback tanks for $20!

 I like it, it felt great but the print wasn't really me.

Super pretty ruffle front blouse!

 Cute! I like this! It will def. go with a lot, skirts, bright colored pants, shorts, you name it.

I like this blazer in theory, but it still felt big on me. Notice the second photo I'm doing the floral blazer over the floral long sleeve tee. Just for kicks.

The fun peplum top, but very boxy on top and short on the waist, just not comfortable.

Pleasantly surprised with the black on black lace blouse, but felt too dark for the spring.

 The pleated bow dress was adorable, but I can't really get passed the "sad" bow. What do you think?

No on the "dress with full skirt." The skirt is awkward and too much fabric, also very static clingy.


 I bought these ankle strap wedges in apple red online in a 7.5 so I had to check to make sure I got the right one! It fits!

I ordered the middle, ankle strap pump in black! LOVE.


The accessories weren't even out while I was there, the lady had just started taking them out of the boxes so I was lucky to get the only silver short crystal teardrop necklace!
*Please note: The short necklace and the bib necklace are pretty much the same length, the difference is the bib has a leather cord and the short has a silver one. If you have a hard time deciding, I recommend the Short Silver, it was more durable. The leather rope on the Bib version and the lobster claw and certain parts started coming loose after I was trying it on! 

I was def more excited than he was about the necklace.

Overall, the accessories/shoes really won me over! I am a bit sad the one dress I really wanted to try (Floral Crush print) was all gone in seconds, so I never had the chance to try it on. Maybe it's for the best?

What did you end up buying? Any favorites, must-have items in your opinion?