Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pick of The Palate: Prabal Gurung + Target

I think I'm obsessed.
Loving the look book for Prabal Gurung at Target.
I can't wait for the launch in stores February 10th!

It was unbelievably difficult for me to pick my favorites for my palate. I literally want everything. 

Here's what I narrowed it down to, even though I left some things off here, which I'm sure once I see it in person or try it on I'll know what I want
Hence, my shopping strategy day of,  grab everything. :)

The top row left, I'm digging the floral crush print blazer and floral tee. 
The sleeveless collared blouse is also on my must have list.

Also, I kind of just want all the shoes... the Nolita mutli color flats are fer sure, and I'm thinking the black strappys? Or red? Or Dresden Blue? 
Ugh the indecisiveness.
*UPDATE: Most of the shoes in this collection are exclusives, so plan on checking out Target's website look book : Prabal Gurung for Target
This way you can plan accordingly to shop in store or online depending on the shoes you want.

The "crystal teardrop" icicle necklace is extravagant, I want. 
How it looks in person will be the deciding factor, 
since the picture might make it look better than it is. 

And the dresses, I can't decide. The bow black and white is Parisian and obvious choice for me since I love bows.  I'm worried about the how the top might fit, since you can't wear a bra with it.  Yet another one that will be decided after I try it on.

The floral crush dress is pretty fab and my favorite piece.

And I love the blue & coral hue on the Calypso color block dress.

"The whole collection was based on the idea of love and just the idea of celebration." Prabal Gurung on his Target Collection.

I'm celebrating the fact that I love his entire collection.
How about you? 


  1. It's all too much to take it, so much to love and I love it all too! I'll have to wait to see the jewelry in person, just in case they are on the cheaper side, I'm sure for $20 they will still sell out.


    1. Some of the jewelry is also only available online. Seriously can't wait to spend all my money on this collection! :D