Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pick of The Palate: Cabin Fever Modcloth Sale

I've been out and about these days 
so what I wouldn't give for a little cabin fever!
Feeling cooped up in this cold winter? 
I think Modcloth Cabin Fever  should cure our winter blues with a SALE. Um not just any sale, it's 70% off!

The deals are amazing friends, go check it out soon and stock up!

Here are my picks with nothing over $14.99:

Left to Right (clockwise):

Turning Point Heel: Was $42.99 Now$12.99
Charcoal Class Dress: Was $42.99  Now $12.99
Style is a Battlefield Skirt: Was $49.99 Now $14.99
Monochrome for the holidays: Was $49.99 Now $14.99
 Front Row Femme Dress: Was $47.99 Now $13.99
 Wouldn't you Fil-agree necklace: Was $24.99 Now $7.99
Casting Collar Black List Top: Was $42.99 Now $12.99
You Guess It Dress in Orange: Was 44.99 Now $13.99

 And these items probably won't last for long, but the sale is worth checking out!
 What's your favorite item from my picks?


  1. Wow, these are such cute palate picks! I don't know how they can have such amazing prices on such quality pieces :)