Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sephora by O.P.I 18k Gold Top Coat Review

I got an early birthday gift and its so good it is gold!
Here's my review...I have a feeling it's going to be a glowing one.

Sephora by O.P.I "It's Real" 18k Gold top coat.

It's Real, real amazing. Since it is a top coat the application would normally be clear with gold flecks. But I needed to amp it up a bit for the New Year and birthday celebration, so I went with colors to coordinate with my Tracy Reese blouse.

I created an ombre effect on both my mani and pedi using a shade of blue Mesmerize by Essie and beige on my fingers and the same blue with a Hello Kitty/Sephora sky blue on my pedi.
 I ended with a few generous coats of 18k gold top coat.

The O.P.I gold top coat is the real deal. LOVE. Proof that all that glitters is gold!

Sold out at Sephora, but for sale on Amazon: It's Real

Re visit my blog later today for another birthday treat that sparkles likes sequins.
There's always room for more glitter, right?


  1. Love the manicure Franci - looks so cool and loved how you matched it to your top ;-)

  2. Gorgeous nails. I like the hint of gold with the blue.

  3. Wow I really like your nails! you did an amazing job.

    Would you like to stay connected through Bloglovin and GFC?

    Happy New Year !
    Xo Amy

    1. Thank you! Now following, follow me back through GFC Amy.

  4. OMG WHERE did you get those shoes! Love em!

    1. Thank you! They are Kate Spade, actually a few years old. I just keep them looking new ;)