Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes: Checkerboard Print

Louis Vuitton started this statement making trend with the Spring collection featuring an abundance of checkerboard print. 

You may have took notice when Jessica Alba wore it for the Golden Globes After Party. 

It's quite the striking look and not for the faint of heart. Here's how you can get it on a budget. Since not everyone can afford a hot off the runway Louis Vuitton!

Also try the orange lip trend on a budget, and look-a-like accessories on sale.

 Get the trend for less and save for shoes:

Asos Checkerboard Pencil Skirt: $31.57
GoJane Pout Plumping Orange Lipgloss: on sale $2.95
Asos River Island Metal Edge Clutch: on sale $14.03
GoJane Pointed Toe Faux Patent Leather Heel: on sale $23.95

FYI: GoJane is have an online STOREWIDE sale
Asos is having a 70% off sale with free shipping as always!

What do you think of the checkerboard print? Does it scream game night or cocktail party?


  1. I prob wouldn't try this trend for myself, but I love everything you chose, all that style for less money, def. saving for shoes. It's a cute skirt for the right occasion with the right accessories, etc., it just seems like one of the more challenging looks to pull off.


    1. It's definitely of the moment right now, so if there's any time you could pull it off nows your chance!

  2. um im OBSESSED with checkerboard print, i may or may not have already purchased a couple of checkerboard items :) love this!
    brooke @ what2wear

    1. Awesome B Allen! I can't wait to see how you wear it. I want someone to make the top portion of Jessica Alba's dress into a blouse. Or shoes in this print would be so cute. Thanks for reading! -Franci