Friday, January 4, 2013

Another year older, Another year more fashionable!

It's my birthday today!
Another year more fashionable I'll say. ;)

Hard to comprehend that just 25 years ago I was having birthday parties at McDonald's. 
Gawd I loved those fries, and the prizes were always amazing.

Funny how some things never change! 
Still love bows (See them on my graphic Minnie sweater!) and mary jane shoes.
There's also a major pink moment happening here.

And talk about a throwback...

Blogging in a onesie like a boss.
My first blogging assignment (at 4 months old) via vintage turquoise type writer and hipster glasses! Keep in my mind I have 20/20 vision.

 Thanks for continuing to follow my blog and my journey in fashion, baking and style! 
Now it's time to party- big kid style, a gummi bear martini and french fries and milkshakes to follow...haha, at least I haven't lost my youth yet!

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  1. Happy Birthday Franci - These pics are freakin adorable!!!!! So funny about the hipster glasses and typing, I think we all had bdays at Mcds, what's not to love?! Wow, a gummi bear martini, never heard of it, I am clearly not going to the right places :D Have fun!!

    1. Yes ain't no party like a Mcds party! ;) Thanks for the bday greetings!

  2. Happy (late) birthday hun! Wish you all the best <3
    Like your blog so I'm your 47 follower! If you like mine too I'm waiting for you :D


    1. Woo hoo thanks for following Carolyne! I'm going to check out your blog right away sweets!