Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Haul!

Did everyone get a little something pretty and sweet for Christmas? 

This first haul integrates my three favorite things in one. Fashion. Cats. And Baking.
He knows me so well.

Not one but two pairs of cat loafers! A French ninja cat shirt (Hells yes) from Threadless. And a mini stainless steel 2 cup pan, which will be excellent for making ganache. Along with a magnetic measurement conversion chart. This is super handy because while I bake I usually holler at my hubs, my go-to measurement-conversion-man. But now I can refer to this!

Cookie was interested (you can see his tongue smacking his mouth). Probably calculating the many sweet possibilities that he will eat! And Causeway, well he can never pass up a photo opt.

Yummy gifts!
(The Gire household appreciates a fancy cocktail or two)

BevMo gift cards the gift that keeps on giving.

Did you notice the Altuzarra double old fashioned high ball glasses? These Altuzarra Target+Neiman Marcus glasses were part of a Christmas Whiskey Haul I picked out for my husband. Including whiskey rocks and an ice ball mold to go with the collection.

 Remember when I mentioned homemade gifts being the sweet ones? Well my brother surprised me and my sister by writing us a poem and giving us matching bracelets.

All in all a very decadent Christmas. Cheers to the New Years!

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  1. Happy New Year Franci!! So fun seeing everything - LOVE all of the cute cat shoes and tshirt..Causeway is such a poser and I love it :) Those glasses look so cool and a steal at $24! How sweet are your siblings?! Such a creative fam :D