Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas at Tiffany's: DIY Tiffany & Co Garland

I wanted something chic for our Christmas tree this year. Me and my husband aren't too fond of colorful hodge podge trees, nothing wrong with that, just not our thing. We almost went with just white lights, but then I thought it would look really cute covered in mini handmade present boxes, a fun DIY project.

And what better gift boxes to create other than the iconic Tiffany & Co gift box, right?

So here's my DIY for a Christmas at Tiffany's Garland tree decor. I plan on using these year round to decorate my future closet room. ;)

Raisin Boxes (I bought two packs, so that's 24 boxes for two garlands)
White Ribbon (2 Rolls)
Blue Paper (I got mine at Cost Plus World Market)
Large White Ribbon with wire (for bow on top of tree if you like)
Glue or double sided tape
Silver color Ribbon Wire (for the garland & stringing on the mini boxes)

1. Cut paper into squares for wrapping
2. Wrap
3. Glue or tape to seal paper on to the box
4. Tie a Ribbon around the box and end with a tiny bow tie
6. String the ribbon wire through the already wrapped and tied white ribbons
7. Wrap them around the tree!
8. Add a bow on top of the tree if desired.
9. DONE! Chic right?

 Now if only they were real Tiffany boxes. ;)

 So Magical and pretty...

He totally likes the tree decor too.


  1. Excellent DIY. Looks elegant. We are not into hodge lodge either.

    1. Thank you Girlie Blogger. I like a chic tree! I think it's from childhood years of a tree filled with everything, I've become to like the simpler things.

  2. I love this idea! Very cute and simple enough.

    Would you like to stay connected through Blogloving and GFC?

    XO Amy

    1. Thanks Amy! Love you blog, let's GFC for sure. You should stop by and say hello on my Facebook page. That's my favorite way of keeping up! Xo, Franci

  3. What a great idea! It looks so lovely. xx

    - Victoria

  4. Replies
    1. Especially at night, it looks like a dream. :)

  5. I LOVE this! I have a NYC themed tree, and this is perfect. Thank you for the idea!