Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Spender or I'm Saving for Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Sale

Have you heard? 
The Nordstrom Rack Sale is going on until Jan 1st and up to 75% off. 
There are still quite a few finds out there!

I made it out to two locations, one in the central valley (during my xmas visit with my fam) and one in Palo Alto, Ca. 

As I literally looked at each rack (my husband was such a trooper) I came across two very similar items. Both dresses had the same cut with sleeves, ruffle trim waist and bird prints!

Even though I'm comparing the Marc by Marc Jacobs price as the "Big Spender" compared to the Lush dress "I'm Saving for Shoes" I thought the price for the MJ was good enough for me! 

If only they had my size.

Who else has been shopping around the after Christmas sales?

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  1. I would have been a Big Spender on this one! Too bad they didn't have your size in the Marc dress, I would love to find that, such a cute print :)