Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Palate for Decor: HomeGoods Haul

This year I've become good friends with HomeGoods.

I went "browsing" last weekend and kept finding amazing things. With the intention of finding Kate Spade note cards (none at my location) I instead ended up with a great haul of china, a cake plate, a cookbook display and an amazing find- a cakepop carrier! What?!

So what did any HomeGood Fashionista do? TREAT YO SELF.

Here's my HomeGood's Haul:

Guess I have some baking to do! ;)


  1. This is a great haul! couldn't you just spend hours in Homegoods?! I can't wait to buy even more when I get a house. How cute is that China set, I love a good bird motif and I need a cookbook display holder, I'll have to look for that too. The cake pop stand is an awesome find for you, esp. by Nordicware. Too bad your didn't find the Kate Spade cards, but I think you made out pretty well!