Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Windows 2012: A Taste for Displays with all the Dressings!

Wooo it's December, the second month out of the year to be most excited for has arrived!

I love walking around town, sipping hot cocoa and seeing the local displays like Christmas in the Park, and window displays or even just driving around to see Christmas lights in the neighborhood.

But sometimes, you cant help to get a tiiinnny bit jealous of the store and boutique displays in New York! You probably cant help to feel Christmas in the air on the east coast!

Here are a few of my favorite Holiday Displays for 2012:

Bergdorf Goodman 
"Bg Follies of 2012"

 These window displays are inspired by the Jazz age and feature fashions from
Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and more.

The details and fashion designs are amazing! And every thing is so luxe and gold. Mmm.

Henri Bendal
 Holiday Deco and also Jazz themed!

Love this mannequin, from the hairstyle to the feathers, and the long pearls! FAB.
And wow, present overload! You can imagine this lucky lady likes a good indulgence of fashion goodies!
I'm so jealous of this nonexistent person.

Barneys New York
"Electric Holiday"

This is a live window short movie display feauturing collaboration with Disney.
It's set on repeat for the rest the season!

Minnie is fascinated with Lady Gaga's attire, but I think Minnie is a bigger fashion icon by far!

You can watch the window display short movie here! 
Be on the look out for your favorite fashion celebrities.

Last but certainly not least...
Tiffany & Co

It's pretty much every girls fantasy.
A little blue box on your doorstep or many blue boxes under the Tiffany Blue Christmas tree. 
Def. not a Blue Christmas with this gorgeous window display.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. These are gorgeous! I think I love the Tiffany one the best but really I'll take any one of them!

    1. I like the Tiffany one a lot too, when I own a house I'm going to paint the door Tiffany blue like this one! ;) Love-The Fashion Palate

  2. These photos are fantastic! so jolly and pretty!

    1. Funny how holiday pictures can just put you in a good mood! Love-The Fashion Palate

  3. Definitely Barneys :)

    1. ;) Cute blog by the way, Sarah do you have a Facebook page too? Love, The Fashion Palate