Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pick of The Palate: Kate Spade New York Holiday Gifts

Pick of The Palate....

Kate Spade New York!

I know, I know. I picked more than 1 item! Hah. But come on its Kate Spade and I can NEVER just pick one thing. It's like they read my mind before I even knew what I was thinking. Does that make sense? ;)

I also noticed this morning they added their gift guide for their Holiday goodies, here's all their picks Gift Guide (they have more than 1 as well.) JUST SAYIN!

Ta-Da Shirt: $58
Paper Gem Coasters : $20
Lip Crayon Box Set: $38
Bobby Pins (They look like matchsticks omg): $18
Freeze Frame Ring: $68

These would make AWESOME stocking stuffers.
Which one is your favorite? I can't choose.

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