Thursday, November 8, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation: Playing Dress Up.

As most of you know the Narciso Rodriguez for DesigNation debuted yesterday at Kohl's.
I showed up at 11ish even though they opened at 7am. They don't get ambushed like the Target lines during collection releases! (It's almost scary how I know these things now...shopaholic much?!)

Anyways, I had to check it out in person and try my faves on, that way both YOU and I know how the fits are and how they actually look and feel in person. 

I almost bought a top online, they didn't have it in store. But judging by what I saw from the tops that are made of spandex/polyester. I highly advise don't waste your money. Those particular tops seemed cheap looking.

There was a lot of cute clothing, and a lot that were a big miss for me. I think it's just not my personal style. I'm not fully sportswear material myself. But if you are big on sportswear, then this is for you my friend!

This was my favorite piece. But not sure if it was for me.

This colorblock cardigan was one I saw online and thought it looked cute. This is an XS, it's soooo big on me! Maybe I'm just short. (I'm 5'3 for reference).

 And then there was this navy/black cardigan, super cute an XS...YET isn't over sized this time.

I was going to buy it but then I somehow broke it??? Shhh! Don't tell!

These sweaters were my favorite. The puple has a gold metallic knits and the black has silver. Very comfy.
 Oh and the leggings were cute! Side black panel on grey. Pretty thick.

 Material close ups!

 Tuxedo Pants in teal. 
Would look good with heels and on a taller person. 

Nice gold skirt. Very lady like.

I hope that helps some of you decide on a few items that may have been in your Kohl's shopping cart! Make sure to check for coupon codes as always. I believe today is the last day they are having 30% off the Narcisco Rodriguez clothing. Also use code Gratitude for 15% on top of that.

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