Saturday, November 10, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze: Party at Westfield Valley Fair

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday collection was released this past week. And those at the party were able to get first dibs! 

My blogger and Beauty Army guru friend Nancy Lee of Fashionchicsta invited me as her +1. We had a blast at Westfield Valley Fair's MAC Cosmetics boutique.

Champagne, cocktails, beautiful packaging, makeup galore and bows adorning MAC beauty experts, couldn't ask for any more glamour!

Here's what we saw:

Guilty Passions Holiday Gift Sets of 4 lip glosses or eye shadows for $32!

The crushed metallic pigment eye shadows were insanely rich and intense. Love them!

Here's our Mac staff model! 

The interior and exterior of the All for Glamour Holiday face kits. Three different sets and comes in this super cute box which doubles as a clutch. Yes, you can take everything out and use it for a night out on the town!

All the goodies you find inside one!

Even MORE makeup! Oh my!

They were selling out of the blushes really quick. I got the middle one, which was actually not part of the collection but still awesome nevertheless!

A swatch of the Kohl Power Eye Pencils modeled by Nancy Lee.

Notice the second and third swatches. We couldn't figure out what color it could mimic.

 And low and behold..that color liner was called "Mystery." 

We had a good giggle about that. Nerds.

Look! They even had a lookalike model from the advertisements. You could get your purchases for that day only gift packaged by these two lovelies. 

And you know I'm a sucker for packaging. As I'm sure most of you would swoon over the bows, pink, mint and peach gift boxes. Either that or the dude in the bow tie.

 The cut outs on this pretty ladies dress are unfortunate. Sorry. 

The bow bracelet is crazy!

And my goodies!

I got the pink brush set as a Christmas present for someone special!

And the eye shadows for moi!

This is the Tenderly Warm Crushed Metallic Pigments gift set:

Just  for reference on how pigmented they holiday eye shadows are!


Hope you found some of these pictures useful if you were interested in buying from their limited collection. I'm guessing they will be a quick sell out :


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  2. What a fun event!! I LOVE the glitter phone case in the swatch photo - any chance you know who makes it? :)

    1. It was awesome Belinda! It belongs to my friend Fashiochicsta, she said "It is from Juicy, last year. If you search it on ebay 'Juicy Glitter iPhone Case' they pop up. It was 30 or $40 originally and has a huge crown on the back, which I removed and added a wristlet." Hope that helps. It is really cute!