Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anthropologie Stocking Stuffers under $50 for the Party Hostess!

Here are my favorite Anthropologie gifts for the Party Planner/Hostess extraordinaire. She cooks, she plans, she hosts, she's pretty much the first to toast and the last to leave a party! (And I want them ALL.)

1. Plush Stole $48  (You know for looking fab while hosting.)
2. Ring True Serving Set $28 (It has bells on it. So Festive!)
3. Folk Flora Rolling Pin $18 (Your bake-ware should be dressed up for the occasion as well.)
4. Party Animal Necklace $38 (Perfect as a gift for the guests!)
5. Baubled Envelope Pouch $28 (Perfect for attending other parties.)

Which one reflects your hosting style?

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