Monday, October 29, 2012

Q-Pot: Have your desserts and wear them too.

I love fashion, I love desserts, so when I came upon this store called Q-Pot in Honolulu, I felt like a kid in a candy shop! 

Q-pot is the cutest sweetest store filled with jewelry that looks like dessert! 

They had a strict "no photography" rule. MAJOR bummer for any fashion blogger! But I was able to find pictures on the Q-Pot. USA facebook page so booyah!

But then the dilemma came, which one to choose??? I must've spent an hour in this store while my sweet husband patiently waited while I tried on like everything from petite french pastries to strawberry cupcakes.

My original intention was to buy the French Macaron necklace...

BUT after seeing the "Luxe Chocolat collection inspired by the finest of European indulgence," well problem solved.


This is what I came out with, try not to drool and refrain from eating my ring through the computer screen please. I know, it's even hard for me to resist. The texture is soft just like a real truffle! And I love the gold flake accent on top of the truffle, it appears to be the shape of Oahu! Is it just me?

One is not like the other... 

By the way, those other bonsbons are handmade in Boston from L.A. Burdick.

A Burdickulously decadent collection!

I added the wrapper to the ring. Heheh.

I got to wear some pretty cool accessories for my 2nd anni dinner date ;) Mrs. necklace & Q-pot Truffle ring.


This is my FAVORITE boutique ever! Sadly it's located so very far away in Hawaii...BUT, there is good news folks! Starting November 12 Q-Pot will open up an online webstore for us to indulge in our sweetest fantasies!

Which is great because all that airfare to Hawaii can really add up.


  1. This post is so cute I adore those macaroon necklaces!

  2. Aren't they deliciously deceptive! I want one too ;)