Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kate Spade New York: Honolulu Favorites

Very sneaky husband, taking pictures of me taking pictures of my favorite. store. ever.

On my anniversary trip (why do I keep stopping myself from saying honeymoon? That was like two years ago...) I did some shopping in Waikiki. Surprise, surprise. A lot of window shopping actually. 

A girl has priorities ya know....priorities that require sipping drinks out of pineapples! Man those were expensive. 

OK I am easily distracted, more so today. Back to Kate Spade New York. 
Here are a few of my favorite things from the boutique in Hawaii.

Fur coat and red! 
Not sure why you would need this in Hawaii? Nice to vacation to but for the sake of fashion I'm glad I don't live there!

Totally cute to boot. They look like little doll rain boots :D These will be wish listed.

So I'm in love with this dictionary clutch...the drawback, well it really looks like you are carrying around a full size dictionary. Kind of odd when you think about it.

And then I saw this faux wood grain clutch. New favorite.

And wood grain wallets!

Gawking at these strands of pearls outside.... I have to wait for the 30th anniversary present? REALLY?

Hope you enjoyed my favorite fashion picks from Kate Spade Hawaii! 
What was your favorite conversation piece?


  1. Wow that faux wood clutch is to die for!