Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Here's looking at you kid.

Two years ago this day I got married to my best friend.

Sometimes it feels like my life with him has been like my favorite parts of movies.

 "Here's looking at you kid."

The totally "buttcrazy in love with Josh" epiphany moment in Clueless. 
(I actually recall having this moment just like Cher.)

If we were shoes, we'd be the perfect pair (sole mates),

like the "Hello lover!" to Carrie Bradshaw.

The Huckleberry Friend to Holly Golightly. 

The Johnny to Baby. 

 You get the picture!

Speaking of Johnny and Baby, here's some photos of one of the most favorite parts of the wedding. Our final dance to the Dirty Dancing theme song"(I've had) The time of my life."

It's a top favorite movie of mine and it was so touching how all of our guests ended up circling us and holding hands! You can't plan that kind of thing.

Also, I was reflecting (I'm very sentimental you know) about our wedding day. How everything was more than we could've envisioned. The key was personalizing it all. Our closest friends and family, our favorite food & cake, married by his brother, exchanging meaningful vows that we both wrote together, revealing our secret handshake to the world, the first dance to his grandparents wedding song and now ours "As time goes by" from the movie Casablanca.

It was truly.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so lucky to have found this charismatic, kind and hilarious man to share the rest of my life with!

Somethings are just better than shopping or the most romantic movies. I wish this kind of love to all my readers.

*Note to husband: Happy 2 years my love! Thank you for vowing to always make me smile, I think you've done more than that.

xoxo, Franci, The Fashion Palate

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