Monday, September 3, 2012

Teal & Black Polka Dot Mani

I wanted teal to be in my manicure this week since I am putting together a little fashion show in Los Gatos, Ca this Saturday which is centered around the color teal for Ovarian Cancer. I thought this was the perfect amount of the shade. 

If you are in the area you should def come by and check it out. I will be styling the Kiss`Tique Models & also baking mini cupcakes & cake pops! YUM


Back to Black & Teal polka dots, I saw the black and white version first on Kate Spade New York Runway photos. And I just love how whimsy can also be classy. Not to mention I'm a big polka dot fan, I'm kind of a sassy classy kid, a Kate Spade kind of girl for sure. I'm pretty much known if you didn't notice by now, for being obsessed with anything Kate Spade. Give me a dot, a bow and a cat print anything and I'm happy. >';'<

I also wanted to give you this awesome quick tip on painting polka dots that I learned. A few months ago I tried painting it by hand with the brush, but it came out meh. I tried the white nail pens and that was alright. This time around I tried using a BOBBY PIN to create the dots. And voila! Even the right hand looks awesome! 

Dip your bobby pin in the color of choice for your dots and get er done.

I think it looks more whimsical if the dots are different sizes, but the type A side of me wants them all the same. Try to resist that, but I won't blame you if you don't. Either way it's super cute.

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