Friday, September 28, 2012

Boston Boutique's: Cute & Quirky Finds!

Doesn't matter what kind of trip I take, there's either A: Fashion or B: Sweets involved. And boy will I find them!

Today I will be focusing on A: Fashion.

Boston did not disappoint. If you are a fashion girl like myself, then Boston is the place to shop.

Here are some great finds, so if you ever find yourself over in these parts make sure to check them out.

Stone Flower: @Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston.
A true story of a two story Boutique...FILLED WITH BOWS. And a few O/S fits all dresses too!

My breathe was taken away as the first floor was covered in bows (color coordinated). I literally wanted to squeal hella loud but yeah.

More Bows!

Stone Flower specializes in one size fits all clothing. 

Do you die for these pearl hangers? 

Look what I got:

Bows of course! All handmade.

And a Peplum polka dot peter pan collar top! 
How could I resist? Sooo stinkin cute.

This store definitely channeled my inner Zooey Deschanel! Ultimate girly and retro fabulousness.

Obviously that was my favorite place to shop in Boston! Next stop...
Shopping expedition on Newbury Street 

Lipstick: on Newbury St, Boston. AKA: felt like mini NYC with all those people!
 Def. recommend this fashion boutique, everything is under $60 bucks.

Loving my Fox ruby-esque crystal ring!

I call him Foxy.
 We are besties.
Pinkyoto: on Newbury St., Boston

Everything was around the price range of $100-200. Very chic items.

How could I pass up a store where the mannequins are wearing bear heads???

My next stop threw me for a loop. Hello Second Time Around!

Second Time Around: on Newbury St., Boston

Second time around is a consignment shop with designer luxury items! Louboutins, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, you name it!
 OK so the reason why I threw my coffee on the sidewalk and ran inside was because you may or may not remember me writing my recaps for this Bravo show called "Fashion Hunters." Well its the same store, just not the one located in NYC. 
See here: fashion hunters.

I hope this show gets picked up this season. It was honestly like taking a fashion merchandising class, minus the Barneys Ambassador showing up periodically!

Anyways, I hope you found my shopping adventures as thrilling as I do participating in them! (And not how my husband feels partaking in them, let's not go there :P Thanks Love!)

Have you shopped in Boston before? What was your favorite store?

Like this blog post if you like bows! LOL.


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