Friday, July 27, 2012

Sole Mates

I just ran across an awesome contest from Barneys New York today while I was checking out Jessica Alba's ensemble from the debut of Narciso Rodriguez Fall Shoe Collection.

Anyways the CONTEST! You can enter on Barneys New York Facebook page to try and win $5,000 for a shopping spree by entering a Perfect Pairs Love Letter. Kind of an odd and confusing title, at first I thought they wanted a letter about finding your first awesome shoe...I know... But it's actually about how you found your perfect match in love!

You should enter it, I love love stories. (You can only enter though Barneys Facebook page-see link above!)

I'll share mine with you:

I met my SOLE mate in 10th grade Espanol Dos class, never once sitting next to this handsome guy the entire year did I ever really engage with him, unless you count the many times we all had to play Scrabble (Spanish Scrabble at that!) together or I passed him my lapiz!

So when my friend at the end of year grabbed my arm and told me I was going to marry this guy, I was thrown for a loop...But he was right!

We are each others first loves and we saved each other from ever feeling what heartbreak was like.  I've only known love in my life and my husband just like in 10th grade class and today, has always been my pair. :)


"Love is always in fashion" -The Fashion Palate


  1. So sweet. You two truly make a wonderful pair :)

  2. Guess what? You have won the Liebster Blog Award with 4 others on my blog! I nominated your blog because I really enjoy reading it. Come read the post to see what you have to do next. Congratulation!