Monday, June 4, 2012

A weekend to celebrate, Sunset style.

Olive Oil tasting!

Being from the bay area, there are always a ton of festivals going around everywhere! This particular one was at the Sunset Magazine campus in Menlo Park. Huge HUGE festival and tons to looks at. Here are some of the things that caught my eye and taste buds at Sunset Celebration Weekend 2012.

Now this is what I call glamping (glamorous camping) to the maximum!

Swing away!

HONEY tasting! I love these adorable little honey bears. :)

Me and my beary sweet husband tested out at least ten honey flavors. Oh bother. We came away with Honey oh so fresh (straight from the beehive from 3 days in-that's fresh!), San Francisco Blend (great for allergies and delicious) and Lavender honey! The lavender honey will be great for buttercream french macaron fillings! Yep, I always have my mind on baking.

Baskets from Bali. (I need a trip, stat.)

Succulents. Super trendy and hard to kill. Perfect for me, lol.

Great Idea! Succulents can make a great art display!

When pigs fly.    
(Fact: I did some glass blowing while I was studying Art in college. Pretty scary but super cool!)

Virgin Bloody Mary, damn it. Yeah I forgot to get my 21 + wristband.

Wristband-check! Glass of Dancing Coyote vineyard wine.

What are your favorite summer festivals?    


  1. wow i love the succulents!

  2. Aren't they pretty Alice? It's the only plant that lives on my balcony!