Thursday, June 28, 2012

butter LONDON: Like butter.

Very much obssessed with my butter LONDON nail polishes. Anyone who owns one, knows why. Let me just tell you...the colors are insanely gorgeous.

On a recent shopping trip I picked up my two new fave colors. A dense liquid metal and a mouth-watering orange hue!

butterLONDON: Lillibet's Jubilee & Jaffa

So excited to try the limited edition Lillibet's Jubilee,  I'll test it out next week. I have seen it on in person and it's kind of amazing. Since I'm a bridesmaid on Saturday and with one of the wedding colors being orange I'm going with Jaffa first. 

Jaffa & West End Wonderland (aka best damn gold glitter polish)

Couldn't just leave it plain orange ya know. A little sparkle goes a long way.