Sunday, April 1, 2012

Soulstice Beauty Spa Product Review

I recently won a contest hosted by Soulstice on Facebook! I received this luxurious assortment of spa products.

All I had to do was post a picture of how I keep my beauty products organized.

I had just organized all my nail polishes (including a few Soulstice nail colours) in this shelf unit I found at my local Marshall's. I like the look of a mini nail salon in my bathroom.

Back to the products!

I have yet to try the Body Polish and Creme Cleanser. The cleanser is for everyday use (and I am loving the gold shimmering substance in this bottle) and every few days you sub the cleanser for the body polish scrub! Can't wait to try it out.

I'm super weird about opening a bunch of products at once, so I tried these products out first.
The Perfecting Body Balm and Body Wash.

First of all I love the smell of these two products. It has a scent of what I can only describe as a Jamba Juice smoothie, specifically the Citrus Squeeze! Lemon, lime, orange peel,mmmm.

I give about two-three pumps to lather up with the wash. and then following the shower I follow up with the body balm to lock in the moisture. The body balm is a lotion that looks thick but feels light on the skin. My skin gets really dry so this has really helped lengthen the amount of time before I need to apply more lotion.

So far so good! Make sure to visit Soulstice. I love that their products are vegan and made in the USA.


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  2. Congratulations for winning and thanks for sharing your review, as I didn't know this brand. By the way, I’m hosting a giveaway in my blog: a very unique totebag from Romerobags. Feel free to participate in . Good luck!

  3. Thank you Sara, I love sharing a tried and true good product with my readers. The nail polishes by this brand are also amazing! Thanks for sharing your giveaway, looks cute!

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