Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make up bag line up: All Star edition.

Here's my all star products in my makeup bag. These are mos def my go-to's for my every morning routine. 


1. Nars Blush & 2. Illuminator in Orgasm.
    Everyone's favorite blush amirite? 
    True story: I never used to use brow products until my husband purchased this product for me for Valentines day about 5 years ago, I'm obviously hooked. The mini tweezer is key.
    Sooo hooked. I get a lot of compliments about my face having a glow ever since I started using this foundation. It's light and oil free which is great for my face because I'm prone to breakouts.
5. Sephora + Pantone Universe black "meteorite" eye liner. 
   It's part of the trio special edition set. I was surprised about how fantastic the quality of the eye liner is. I have used other Sephora brand eye liners which tend to be a bit dry but this one is different, much more rich and longer lasting, my review here.
    This color matches perfectly to my skin and is very light and stays put, covering all my imperfections they best it can. 

Just FYI I'm now on Instagram on Android! I waited patiently and finally it came. Follow me at thefashionpalate on Instagram.

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