Friday, April 20, 2012

Fab Five Friday: Sweet Dresses and a Treat!

Good morning Fashion Palateers! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday so far. It's a warm and sunny day in the bay area and I can't wait to go outside and do some Crossroads buying and trading and pick up an ice cold mocha on my day off. Mmm!

I've been working the early shifts this week at a local boutique (San Francisco Shirt Company). So I had some extra time to throw some looks together. Here are some of my favorites:

Navy & Gold, It just makes sense to me. I thought the lace on the dress was a good tie in to the velvet belt on the pleated skirt. I would totally wear this.

I took a beige tulle and cotton dress and jazzed it up with a fun ombre bow scarf (it has a heart print!). I love to wear my scarfs in the bow style. 

This dress form faces my direction at the register, so I need something sparkly to look at. So I added this silk sapphire dress and put this lovely wool sequin coat on top.


I love this, it's very bohemian elegant! Wear it with work pants and heels or a maxi skirt and wedges.

And helloooo giant cupcake! In the midst of work, I still make time to bake something yummy :)

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