Friday, March 30, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year: Beauty Review

Having heard the news from my beauty friend FashionCHICsta about the Sephora and Pantone Universe Color of the Year beauty products I was super excited. For one, orange is just one of those colors I gravitate to. And two, I was interested in how this hue would look like as a beauty product.

Here's the display I visited today in Sephora Valley Fair. All the products come in these Pantone swatch boxes with the color of the year all over it. I was initially drawn to the eyeliner in Tangerine Tango, upon further investigation I noticed they are sold as a trio set of eyeliners for $22! Such a good deal.

The Sephora+ Pantone Universe eyeliner set included : Chestnut (A rich chocolate brown), Tangerine Tango Twist (Orange with a little sparkle), and Meteorite (A black shade from another galaxy with specks of twinkling shimmer). I gotta say, they are easy to apply. So smooth and glide on effortlessly. I'm very fond of Meteorite!

Will/have you tried any of the Pantone beauty products yet?

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