Friday, March 16, 2012

Born to be Brad: Brad Goreski book signing recap


Brad Goreski (celebrity stylist, star of It's a Brad, Brad World and, now, author) is on his book tour and his most recent stop (lucky for me!) was at Books Inc. in San Francisco, March 13.

As you all know, the book he was promoting was this fun little cake pop cook book! Ahh he is just playing with us, he did seem quite intrigued with the cute baked goods on the cover though!

A 30-minute discussion and Q&A sesh about his book Born to be Brad was fantastic, he covered topics about his life, what he studied in college (English and Art History), and, of course, his thoughts on style. The inevitable topic of Denim on Denim came up, as Brad may just be the world's authority on this double black diamond look. He claims it is best done with one light denim paired with a darker piece. Keep in mind this topic of D 'n' D went on of for quite awhile, but he is a once-in-a-generation denim genius after all. So, I was surprised to hear an annoyed sigh to my left. I peaked over my shoulder to see who was so exasperated, and it turned out to be Gary Janetti (Brads better half of 10 years and producer and writer for shows such as Family Guy), rolling his eyes in disgust.

Staff from the de Young Museum had a great, timely question for Brad about whether fashion belonged in museums and if it could be considered art in general. An appropriate topic given that the de Young is hosting a Paul Jean Gaultier exhibit from March 24–August 19. While Brad may not be entirely objective, he gave a thoughtful response in the affirmative. I can't imagine too many reality stars who would be able to opine on the intricacies of mixing denim one second and then shift gears to the topic of modern art. Well done, BG!

We all know Brad for his statement bow tie, and mantra of P.O.C. (Pop Of Color). Now that he's gotten bright colors into our wardrobes, he clued the audience in for the next style frontier he'll be advocating, prints! He showed that he wasn't just talk, showing up to the event in a plaid Thom Browne blazer. He also let us know that you won't be seeing him designing his own line of men's accessories anytime soon—he says it's best left for the experts. The best advice he gave, fashion wise, was not to buy every trend each season, just do you. In fact, that fab plaid blazer is two years old—a geologic age in fashion time. So keep staple wardrobe pieces in your closet and play with them.

Here is Brad signing my book, I was a little nervous I have to admit. Especially being in line immediately after a dachshund named Pancake had his book signed—that pretty much stole the show. How do I compete with that? I don't, but my manicure was enough to get myself noticed, that and some bling.
 *Mental Note: Change my cat's name to Flapjack and bring him along to the next book signing.

Double book signing, I got Brad and Gary to sign my book.

Pretty much the most normal, well-adjusted couple ever. Especially for reality TV standards. You NEVER get to watch a normal couple just doing their thing on TV. The two as a couple are a breath of fresh air, lead an intelligent and entertaining discussion in person as well as on TV, and I can't get enough of them!

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