Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nail Art: And The Nominees Are...

In honor of one of the most anticipated award shows, I came up with some red carpet worthy nail art. Each nail represents a Best Picture nominee. So a total of 9 plus the coveted Oscar.

Can you guess which nail matches up with which nominee?
OR what nominee will match up with the Oscar?


  1. Okay, the baseball one must be Moneyball. I see one nail reading "minuit", so I can guess that's Midnight in Paris? The yellow with the red flower I think is The Descendants. There's one where I think I can see the World Trade Centre, the blue and black one, so that's Extremely Loud... And that's all I can guess :D . But I didn't do it too bad, did I?

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady

    1. Oooo so far so good! I replicated the blue and black trade center nail from the cover of a New Yorker. :) Thanks for playing Sara!