Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jason Wu for Target: The Cat's Meow

Somehow the Milu Cat Tote bag that I very much wanted to add to my handbag collection, managed to slip out of my hands. I was sooo disappointment that my local Target only stocked about five of these cuties. And they are mostly all on eBay being sold for much more than $39. :/ At least I managed to grab two items from the Jason Wu collection that I desired. Others weren't so lucky!

Anyways, the cat's out the bag and I was very much inspired by the cute kitty cat from the advertisement banner on the left side of the photos. [photo]

Since I'm just obssesed with this little guy I placed him in on my fingertips, where he belonged the whole time, after all he was the one that got away. This was probably the cutest advertisment I 've seen in a long time for a brand, so no wonder Jason Wu's Milu items were sold out in minutes.

I'm on a nail art craze right now, so I got the idea to re create Milu and this banner (notice the cat with paint on the tip of his tail) onto my nails.

Here's a few images on the steps I took to recreate a cat stencil simply made from white construction tag board.  I drew it, cut it out and then painted on top of my already painted gray nails with black. Later on I touched it up using a toothpick.

All eyes and details drawn on the nail were using a toothpick and black,white, and red nail polish.

Excuse the extra bits of nail polish around the fingers. I get a little messy when painting.

Here's the final product!

Kind of the cats pajamas right?

Red Pleated Blouse by Jason Wu for Target
Turquoise necklace: H&M
Milu Jason Wu for Target inspired nails by The Fashion Palate

Maybe in a month items will be returned I can hopefully get my paws on that Milu! But at least I have some very whimsical nails to show off and they make me smile!

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