Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a Brad,Brad World: "I Wore it Best."

Brad's back from Milan!

Shay is back and breaks in Brad's new style office, let's watch Brad break bad by dressing her as a girly bad ass chick, shall we?

Brad says this is def. worst dressed list territory.

I look good, right guys? Right? - YEAAHH

Things I learned today:

1. Pups crush on Brad speaks volumes.

"Even though he dresses like that she (Penelope) still thinks she's his girlfriend."-Gary

2. "Rose is like the gay mans beer."-Brad

3. Gary's crush on Brad, He would do anything for love...AND he will do that.
    Proven by sitting on a mini fold chair (a thimble, monopoly piece) eating a fruit salad as Brad scurries off passing Go and collecting his money from his Details meeting.

Ahh the things we do for love.

Bradical Look of the Week:

[minus the situation happening on the left] 
Brad's suit by: Thom Browne (loooove the mini black bow details all over the coat) Again, I want this coat. Second time in a row.

Next week is the finale, and Gary guarantees tears!


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