Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: "Ciao Brad!"

It's a Brad, Brad MILAN!

 Behind every good designer is a...stereotype?

Brad & Gary's Fashion Show Designer Definitions:

Ferragamo: For when I want to be the daddy Italian
Versace: For when I want to dress like a rock and roll slut
Dsquared2: When I want to dress like a bigger slut

Gratuitous crotch shots from Bravo....

I loved seeing the hustle and bustle from fashion show hoping and all the outfit changes that Brad did. Dressing in your drivers cars before a show, now that's dedication.

OK my fave "real Brad & Gary moment" was the photo op. So typical. Why is it that the other half always seem to have trouble taking a decent blogger style photo! It must be some weird alternate couple universe where posing for what should be a simple quick picture is just never quick or simple! I love it!

LOVE that Brad is getting a taste of the blogging world. He was working on a Details blog while viewing fashion shows in Milan. And the look of shock when he found out it was more than cute pictures, and that he had to actually write things daily was priceless.

Also I hate to admit. I got a little teary eye when Brad & Gary were talking at the Italian restaurant and Gary told Brad how wonderful it was to be able to see Brad follow and living his dreams and how he gets to follow the dream with him. Now that ladies & gents, is a power couple.

Bradical Look of the week:

[Photo Credits:]

Brad in this hip teal blazer number which he was hooked up with from DSQUARED2 themselves! I would actually loooove to own a women's version of this blazer. It's totes awesome. And the fuschia pants...out of control.

Until next week, Ciao!


  1. i love Brad. haven't been able to catch his show but he was amazing on rachel zoe. best men's fashion by far!

  2. I agree with you Coy Colleen! I think what sets his show apart from other ones, is that he styles men too. I love that.