Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: Broken Promises.

Gary to Brad:  How was Details..You didn't cry during it?
Brad:  God no.

Oh spoke to soon. Here comes the waterworks. But they were necessary, with all this drama surrounding him and his dad, what else would you do?

But a cupcakes and slumber party themed anniversary party idea instantly boost Brads mood. Come on! Sorry Gary, but lentil soup is just not acceptable! I think everyone can agree that if there are trays of lentil soup at a 10 year anniversary, the average Brad would lose it. And rightfully so.

Also Brad is working on styling Shay from Pretty Little Liars, but then he gets more bad news about his dad, this time an a little bit of an accident.

Gary saves the day and cheers Brad up with some much needed cheesy pizza goodness.

I knew they couldn't resist eating more pizza carbs and Italian deliciousness per episode!
Somebody was listening to me last week, because Brad's world formula (pizza + tears) is back in action. I focused to much on the pizza and the drama. But I can't wait until next week to see what Shay chose to wear form the dresses Brad pulled for her. Fingers crossed for a POC!

Annnnd my Bradical look of the week:

Got to love a jean on jean look. The mix of blue jean tones went well together, once again a hard look to pull off and who better to do take the risk than Brad? Oh and those leopard print flats are killer.

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