Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's A Brad, Brad World: "The Big Day"

Ahhh it's the finale of Brad's World! Wah.

The BIG question is, will Brad (as Gary puts it) be a weeping queen on his big day?

While watching Brad & Gary talk about "their wedding" coming up (which is not their wedding btw but puts a lot of weddings to shame) Brad says something really endearing to Gary.

"Just know that no matter how much time I'm spending with my dresses, I'll always love you more than them."

Big day-big news, Brad gets word that Kate Spade is hiring him as their stylist! So flippin awesome. Kate spade is my all time favorite brand and having that extra spark of whimsy added by Brad is going to ice the cake!

Gary's reaction to Brad's anni gift was classic. "I got a watch for 10 years, it's like I've been with a really good company."

Brad still does not know about his surprise gift from Gary, so the gift non-exchange was a little awkward.

SO by now everyone knows the big surprise for Brad, a Le Mis flash mob!

 Gary is the most awesome significant other (eh um. besides my own hubby). He and all their friends sang One Day More, in honor of a song that the couple sang to each other when they met in Greece! Enter "aweee" here.

"Success is so much more sweet when you have someone to share it with"-Brad.

Couldn't agree with you more Brad.

And on that note, au revior Brad's World, fingers crossed for a season 2.

Annnd my final Bradical look:


Brad looking daper for his perfect day wearing a Lanvin suit.


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  2. Thanks Anna! That's so sweet,I always get excited for a new follower. And I am also crazy about Brad! I'll be stopping by your page soon :)