Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a Brad,Brad World: "Haute in Hollywood"

Before I start out with "It's a Brad, Brad World", the newest Bravo reality TV show, I just want to point out a few of the major differences & similarities from The Rachel Zoe Project  & It's a Brad, Brad World.
I'm assuming if you are reading this you already watched The RZP while Brad Goreski was her style director.

  • Brad & Gary's (his partner) relationship is already so much more likable than Rachel & Rodger relationship although there are a few similarities such as the "over it" partner and the fabulous better half. (I've been watching since the beginning of the series and I still don't believe for one second that Rodger really likes to watch sports and hang out with the dudes, rather than shop with Rach. I also still think Rodg is gay, which in that case would make the two couples more similar than I thought.) ;)
  • Brad eats. Rachel, not so much. The proof is in the pudding.
  • Brad styles his own clients on the show. Rachel has assistants to do that.
  • They are both self indulgent & aware, but I like Brad better, he does it more in a cute, not afraid to make fun of myself sort of way.
While watching the show, I was super nervous for his "assistant for the day" Monica at the photo shoot. She really screwed up. I totally agree on the packing up as you go along so that way the Stylist can leave when ready. I mean, you are their assistant for a reason. Sucks a hundred more times for her though because it was captured on TV. Good luck girl, I hope you learned your lesson.

Back to the "assistant of the day" thing, that's so weird! I'm surprised he doesn't already have like a million friends who would kill to be his assistant. Call me Brad. I'm ready.

I love his pets and how they each choose their favorite. Totally reminds me of my cats, one orange one black and how they both wait for them to at the door. Shoot, Brad is already so much more likable than said other reality shows. It's also exciting to see someone make it on their own in the styling biz. It's kind of inspiring.

To nit pick a little, what was that whole finding a dress bit for Keri Hilson all about? It was obvious from the beginning that he knew she would pick the Versace dress, and with the whole Versace team at the styling sesh, how could she not pick it! I mean how awkward would have that been? Actually, I kind of wanted to see it happen. She look amazing though.

I don't like scripted drama, but I loved the fashion shoot scene! More fashion less of that other hullababloo. We already like you Brad, we just want to see you work, so WERQ it.

Keep up the blond ambition Brad!

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