Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: Sweet Home Alabama

The search for a style office continues. Only to be lead to a retail space that once sold medical weed. Brad and his assistant Lindsay leave kind of high, as they proceed to try and enter a car that is not theirs...

Next up, awkward couple banter...heeey I guess it can't always be so funny and endearing. This time the back and forth got a little uncomfortable as Brad and Gary argue over where to have their 10 year anni party. This might be the first time they sound like a couple that has been together over a decade, reality honeymoon OVER. Anyways Congrats guys! But next epsiode let's not mess with the proven Brad World formula : tears + pizza.

The only upshoot to this scene, I do like the way the dogs kind of subtly interfere with the convo, and Brads orange POC cardi wins over Gary, resulting in the guys to get over it. Nice job pups & Brad's uncanny taste in distracting clothing!

The fashion-help-#brad bit and fashion advice online with Brad & Ashton Kutcher was fun. And I learned that strappy shoes probably aren't the best look unless you have great feet and want pictures of them to show up on a Coolpix. I never would have thought to get fashion advice from Ashton Kutcher. Kind of didn't make sense why this was happening, but I think it was an a attempt to make me curious enough too google "dream bigger." You win this time Kutcher but this scene would've been improved if they had spontaneously started bawling and dabbed eachothers tears with a calzone.

Bradical look of the week:

This is the most Bradical look of the show methinks. I like the short shorts on him; he pulls it off well. Also I loved the reoccurring Tommy Hilfiger shoes. And the outfit wouldn't be complete without a bow tie!

P.s. what was Lindsay wearing in Alabama at Billy Reid's? While we know she's safe with Brad, sure looks like the official walk of shame uniform. The tunic was way too short to be a dress. It made me uneasy. And the white ruffle swimsuit w/ a sailor hat debacle...well that's a story for later nights kiddies. KIDDING!?!?
[All Photos: Bravotv.com]

P.p.s Hate to admit it folks, but weakest epi so far. I judge my Brad's worlds like I judged my middle school sleepovers, it's got to have crying and/or pizza, or just don't bother. ;)

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