Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's a Brad, Brad World: The Motherload

I admit, Mondays are my most busiest night. Why? Well my DVR is set to record about four reality shows, that's just Monday alone people. Three of them being Bravo shows, one being It's a Brad, Brad World. As I was tuning in, I noticed in the info section that it's actually no longer labeled as a"reality show" it's a "docudrama." LOVE it!

Ok so last week Brad did that whole Details Magazine thing and pitched his "POC" idea. And as you may have known, the pop of color phrase has been embeded into my mind. Example: Fab Five Friday: POC

This episode mainly focused on Brad's life and the parents interacting for the first time. I loved that Brad style prepped his mom and sister at Tory Burch "to turn this shit out" for the big family dinner.

Brad and Gary banter: morbibd breakfast talk in very nice morning attire. From what I remember the convo consisted of how Brad's funeral outfit will look and that many fans from around the world will always remember him by his bountiful collection of fashionable bow ties.

I think my favorite part of this show besides the fashion, is the couple banter. I love it. I think it may have to do with that fact that Gary is a comedy writer, but these two have great chemistry.

Back to the meeting of the parents, so the family dinner was SO NORMAL I kind of felt like a creeper watching them interact. Anyone else?

So three episodes in, a canadian joke at least per episode and did anyone else notice...I think they like pizza. A lot. I spied them eating a pie each week!

Back to fashion, (after all Mr. Goreski is a stylist) so I decided to add a new gimmick to my posts, a "Bradical" look (coined by my other half, thanks sweets!). This will be my favorite Brad look for each show.


This week I'm loving this outfit he wore for The Nate Berkus show. A pop of bright yellowy lemon shirt complimented by a navy blue blazer and Tommy Hilfiger nautical pants. They have anchors on them!

 [ Photo Credits: Bravotv.com ]

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